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Our User-Friendly EV Charging Solutions

At JuiceUP, we prioritise the ease of use for our customers. Our EV charging solutions
are designed to make charging your electric vehicle a hassle-free experience.

Simple Charging

Our user-friendly charging stations let EV owners simply tap their card to start charging, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Efficient Management

Use our Merchant Hub to manage all your financial needs, while the EV Portal handles all operational aspects, ensuring streamlined operations efficiently.

Solutions that Simplify EV Charging Management

JuiceUP offers a range of solutions designed to make EV charging easier and more efficient for both end users and charge point operators. With our advanced technology and user-friendly interface, managing EV charging has never been simpler.

Real-Time Monitoring

Users can track charging status live, offering a smooth and clear charging experience.

Maximise your time efficiently and know exactly when your vehicle is ready to go!

Transaction Concentrator

Designed to transform payment processing and facilitate easy integration with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) systems.

Simplifies paying for electric vehicle charges, seamlessly connecting to charging stations using the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

Advanced Billing System

Automated payments and precise financial record generation for accurate reporting.

Track expenses and revenue effortlessly and gain a clear understanding of their financial health and make informed decisions to optimise profitability and growth.

Charge Point Management System

The ultimate EV charging solution for onboarding, monitoring, management and analytics.

Empowers operations with essential management tools, ensuring efficient service for station owners and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Multiple Connector Functionality

Our service unifies various connectors into a single payment terminal, simplifying operations and improving user convenience.

Simplifies the charging process for customers, allowing them to use different connectors with ease at a single payment terminal.

Flexible Pricing Adjustments

Adjusted pricing based on location and time for transparent and fair charging experiences.

With flexible pricing adjustments, you can set different rates based on location and time. This ensures fair and transparent pricing for all users.

Billing Made Easy

Automated payment distribution and generate financial records for accurate reporting and record-keeping.

Automate payment distribution and generate precise financial records. Simplify billing and focus on managing your charge points.

Charger-Brand Agnostic

Our solutions work seamlessly with any charger, ensuring universal compatibility and easy adoption.

Imagine your chargers effortlessly integrating with any system, ensuring universal compatibility and hassle-free adoption.

Seamless Card Payments

Enable effortless transactions with tap-and-go card payment technology, simplifying the user experience.

Let your users tap their cards for instant transactions, making payments effortless and enhancing their charging experience.

Case Studies

Case Study 1:

Seamless Integration Operations

A city-based charge point operator struggled with fragmented payment solutions and limited user accessibility. Their reliance on app-based payments was inconvenient for many users, resulting in decreased customer satisfaction.

JuiceUP introduced a comprehensive payment terminal that enabled effortless card payments and a user-friendly interface. This solution improved payment flexibility and convenience, leading to a 30% increase in user satisfaction and a 25% reduction in transaction processing times.

JuiceUP’s seamless payment integration transformed the operator’s operations, enhancing the overall user experience.

Case Study 2:

Optimising Dynamic Load Management

JuiceUP introduced its Dynamic Load Management system to address significant issues faced by a charging station operator in managing electrical loads. This advanced system optimizes the distribution of electrical loads within the charging network by continuously monitoring and adjusting the electricity flow. As a result, it effectively prevents overloads and maintains a stable energy supply.

Previously, the operator struggled with frequent system overloads and an inconsistent energy supply, causing extended downtime and user dissatisfaction. JuiceUP’s implementation led to a remarkable improvement in operational efficiency, cutting downtime by 40% and providing a more dependable charging experience for users. This solution not only stabilised the energy supply but also bolstered user confidence and satisfaction with the operator’s services.

Case Study 3:

Improving Analytics

Implemented to tackle challenges faced by a regional charge point operator, the Charge Point Management System (CPMS) by JuiceUP addresses issues related to monitoring the efficiency of EV chargers and obtaining comprehensive analytics on energy usage and user behavior.

The CPMS offered in-depth analytics on energy consumption, charging sessions, and user preferences, providing real-time insights into the performance of each charger. Armed with this data, the operator could pinpoint the most effective locations and optimal times for charging.

As a result, the operator achieved a 30% increase in operational efficiency and successfully optimized their network through data-driven decisions. JuiceUP’s CPMS delivered critical insights that enhanced resource allocation and significantly improved the overall user experience.

Stay Connected with Nimble

Introducing Nimble, powered by PAIDChain—a revolutionary app designed for EV users. With Nimble, you can effortlessly receive and validate your e-receipts with LHDN for e-invoicing, track your expenses, and enjoy exclusive vouchers from various merchants.

Perfectly integrated with JuiceUP charging solutions, Nimble lets you monitor your charging status right from your phone. Simply attach your card to your profile, and from then on, just tap your card and all your receipts and charging updates will be displayed automatically. Simplify your EV experience with Nimble today!

Step 1

Tap your card at any JuiceUP-Powered charging station


Getting started with Nimble is as simple as tapping your card. When you arrive at any JuiceUP-powered charging station, just tap your card to begin.

Step 2

Scan the QR code


After tapping your card, take a moment to scan the QR code prominently displayed at the JuiceUP-powered charging station.

Step 3

Attach your card


Complete the setup by attaching your card to your Nimble profile. This one-time step securely links your payment method to the app, ensuring all future transactions at JuiceUP-powered charging stations are automatically recorded.

Step 4

Enjoy your benefits!


  • Vouchers
  • Remote Monitoring of your EV Vehicle while charging
  • E-Receipts & E-Invoicing

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